The general ethical principles and the rules of conduct that FITT people accept, share and promote

Beginning with our history and looking towards our vision 2023, we have first identified our new corporate values belonging to our entire FITT group. Created with a shared process from the bottom to the top, 500 of us collaborated in developing a  culture based on: Respect, Responsibility, Think Positive, Be Brave and Teamwork.

Today, we are proud  to present our Code of Ethics. It brings together the general ethical principles and the rules of conduct that the people of FITT  accept, share and promote in their relationships with all our stakeholders.

The Code of Ethics represents a compass for us that will guide our behavior inside and outside FITT enabling us to be transparent in all our activities and to create high-quality, long-term relationships with all those concerned.

All those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relationships with FITT, each within their own areas of interest and responsibility, are the recipients of our Code of Ethics.

By applying the Code of Ethics to our daily work, FITT people, without exception, are aligning our actions and behavior with the principles and content of the Code. It acts as a guide to direct and enlighten our strategic thinking, the choice of our behavior, and the assessment of that belonging to others. In this way, it succeeds in combining the moral and managerial spheres, individual and corporate responsibilities, and the personal and collective spheres.

The Code of Ethics is not merely the implementation of Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001. For us at FITT, it is a tool of corporate social responsibility and a vehicle to seize new opportunities for growth.

We are thrilled to be able to share the guidelines contained within our Code of Ethics with you. Our aim is to encourage behaviour that supports sustainable growth and to strengthen the trust that you and other stakeholders have in our company. We are starting out from the principle that only by respecting others we can gain respect ourselves