FITT Marine Caddy

Versatile hose suitable for use with boats and RVs

Euginius-White Resistant to UV rays, salt air and water. Won't mar boat decks or RV surfaces

Available in

Complete system

Combined with the convenient caddy, this high-quality hose set offers the simplicity of organized storage and is ideal for carrying.

Features and performance

Engineered to be the toughest and lightest hose designed for marine and RV use, the FITT Marine & RV hose is half the weight and more compact than traditional PVC marine & RV hoses. It’s easy to handle and makes cleaning easier than ever.


This hose is suitable for marine and RV use. Resistance to UV rays, salt air and water makes it long lasting and durable, even in the most severe conditions.


Unique NTS chain mesh technology means the FITT Marine & RV will not kink or tangle. High Durable Technology (HD TECH) makes it abrasion-resistant, puncture-proof, highly manageable and flexible, even in extremely cold temperatures (-4 degrees F).

Certifications and safety

FITT Marine & RV is phthalate, PVC and lead-free, making it “drinking water safe.”



FITT Marine & RV is made with high-quality materials and innovative construction, making it resistant to UV rays, salt air and water. Long-lasting and durable, even in the most severe conditions, the FITT Marine & RV is ideal for everything from cleaning your boat or RV to hooking up to your RV fresh water instake.

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