FITT Force® Pro

Heavy-duty commercial grade garden hose

Euginius-White The strongest and lightest hose for professional use

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Features and performance

FITT Force Pro is 2 x lighter, 3 x more compact and longer lasting than traditional hoses on the market. Our innovative technology guarantees the combination of high performance and durability. Extremely lightweight, ensuring ease of use even in the most extreme conditions.


This hose is suitable for professional applications such as farming, landscaping, construction site cleaning and industrial applications.


Double NTS chain mesh technology reinforcement eliminates flow restriction due to kinks and tangles. High Durable Technology (HD TECH) makes the FITT Force Pro abrasion-resistant, puncture-proof, highly manageable and flexible regardless of the temperature (from -4 degrees F up to 160 degrees F).

Certifications and safety

FITT Force Pro is phthalate, PVC and lead-free, making it “drinking water safe.”


Lifetime Warranty



FITT Force Pro is made with innovative technology that guarantees high resistance, durability and exceptional lightness. Highly advanced materials make the hose extremely compact and easy to handle. FITT Force Pro is ideal professional use and industrial applications.

icon description Sustainably Responsible Product

100% production phase CO2e OFFSET. PVC-free, making it more eco-friendly.

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