Frequently asked questions

Where can I purchase your product?

FITT products are available to buy at the physical stores that you can find in the store locator or from Amazon.

Yes, it is possible to connect two FITT Force to each other. To do this, you will need to purchase a simple fitting with two male ends.

Remember that increasing the length can reduce the water flow rate, even if only slightly.

The fittings can be easily removed and reattached, but they aren’t currently available on the USA market as spare parts.

For us at FITT quality matters: FITT Force does not contain heavy metals, is resistant to sunlight and thanks to its matt surface is also anti-algae.

FITT Force Pro can be connected to a delivery pump, not to a suction pump, with a maximum operating pressure of 120psi.

FITT Force Pro can be used with a hobby high-pressure cleaner as tap connection. The maximum flow rate of FITT Force Pro is 2400 l/h; we advise you to verify the characteristics of your high-pressure cleaner.

FITT Force Pro was developed and tested to work even if it is left in areas subject to high temperatures up to +176°F/80°C. Although high temperatures may alter the hose’s appearance, they will not jeopardise its efficient operation.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight, as well as sudden temperature variations, reduce the product’s service life.
We therefore advise you to store FITT Force Pro away after use out of direct sunlight and protected against temperatures hotter than 176°F/80°C or below -40°F/-40°C.

The tests carried out on FITT Force Pro at low temperatures failed to reveal any critical effects on the product’s performance.
We advise you to empty the product after use in order to prevent the water inside it from freezing and to store it indoors in winter.

FITT Force Pro can be used as a normal hose with sprinklers.

FITT Force Pro can be used as a normal hose on a hose reel.

We kindly suggest you to close the tap, to keep open the spray gun and then to gradually wrap the hose trying to facilitate water coming out.

FITT Force Pro is compliant with Drinking Water contact according to FDA migration tests as confirmed by Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc. sited in Buffalo, New York. According to FDA tests and the other evaluations carried out on Phthalates and Lead detection, Bureau Veritas claimed FITT Force Pro as “Drinking Water Safe”.
As indicated in the manual,for proper use, we suggest you to make water flow through the hose a few minutes before drinking.

FITT Force Pro must be used with water at ambient temperature and not at high temperature (>100°F/40°C).

Children can only use the hose under adult supervision.

Bureau Veritas checked compliance with California Proposition 65 according to relevant settlements of Superior Court confirming that Phthalates and Lead are far below the threshold levels provided by law.

The warranty is valid starting from the purchase date and you don’t need to register it.

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