“The task that we are called upon to fulfill is to contribute to making this world a better place, for us and for future generations.”

Alessandro Mezzalira – CEO

In FITT’s vision, being a responsible company means transforming its business model to achieve an ideal balance, with the objective of creating economic value and having a positive impact on the planet and on people’s lives.

FITT is a Benefit Company, and in addition to the object of making a profit, it has added in its statute the public and official commitment of a positive impact on society and the biosphere, operating in a sustainable and transparent manner.

Corporate responsibility requires FITT to strike a balance between Environment, Social and Governance


For FITT, it means investing in research and innovation of processes and products to reduce environmental impact, thus creating synergy within its own value chain.



For FITT, it means taking care of employees and the local and global community by creating generative synergies.


For FITT, it means acting as a responsible company by rewriting a new business model that creates shared value, thus contributing to bring about a positive impact in the life of people and the environment.

On 25 September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly, attended by more than 150 leaders from around the world, adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which consists of 17 objectives – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

From the agenda of the 17 goals identified by the United Nations, FITT has selected 7 goals on which to take tangible action, in line with the UN 2030 targets.
In an era of change and great challenges, FITT, like many other companies all over the world, makes an important contribution to sustainable development.

For a business increasingly aware of and capable of facing global challenges, FITT has chosen to join the UN Global Compact.

The Global Compact is the world’s largest strategic corporate citizenship initiative, born out of the desire to promote a sustainable global economy, respectful of human and labour rights, environmental protection and fight against corruption.

All this through the respect and dissemination of the Ten Fundamental Principles, which FITT is committed to integrating into its strategy, culture and operations, thereby contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

By joining the Global Compact, FITT becomes part of a global network uniting governments, businesses, UN agencies, trade unions and civil society organisations.

A story of compensation

FITT has decided to compensate CO2e emissions from the production of its innovative products by purchasing carbon credits certified by Gold Standard.

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Sustainability report 2022

Sustainability has always been in FITT’s DNA. But it was in 2019, with the celebration of our 50th anniversary, that it became part of the Vision of the Group, who decided to make it a central factor in the strategies and choices for the future of the company. In 2020, FITT issues its first sustainability report.

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