FITT celebrates its 50th anniversary including Sustainability among the pillars of its 2023 Vision, working for the integration of the most peripheral branches and the consolidation of its presence in the United States and Japan.


FITT looks to the future with its 2023 Vision. The pillars are the consolidation of the FITT brand, the digital revolution, the centrality of the end user, innovation and focus on several markets of reference.


The business reaches its second generation: Alessandro Mezzalira takes over the control of the company.


Decisive technological and commercial partnerships bring to an expansion of the commercial interests, taking the FITT range across the Ocean.

‘70 - ‘90

In just a few years FITT reaches a leadership position in Italy and consolidates its presence across Europe


The passion, innovative vision and creativity of Rinaldo Mezzalira spurred the start of the entrepreneurial activity