We believe that the future is for those who can adapt, like a fluid

For 50 years we have managed the flow of changes, creating a direction and giving  aim to our being and to our way of doing business. We have been ensuring reliability, safety and performance, but also respect for work, the environment and the territory.

Because we know that they are two faces of the same coin. We believed that 50 years ago, and we still do. Because the world can change, but our values are deeply rooted.

Our values

Our numbers make us big. But it’s our values that make us different.


50 years of innovation pursued by qualified individuals, who with their skills and know-how guarantee more and more advanced solutions that improve life, and the professional activities of customers.


Being a leader means having the courage and the drive to challenge every day both ourselves and our achievements, always pushing forward to identify new solutions closer and closer to the needs of customers.


Innovation is not just selection of technologies and materials, but also a global approach for tackling all company projects, from products to processes, from communication to internal organisation.


Reliable and safe products that last over time, a serious approach in dealing with customers and confidence about the standards have always been the distinguishing features of the company and its products.


The sustainability of our technologies, production processes and products is for us a fundamental factor.We constantly work on our impact in the world, both at the environmental and social level.