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FITT Force Marine

FITT Force Marine Pack
FITT Force Marine Hose
FITT Force Marine Application

The high quality and high performance hose for RV & Marine

The most innovative and strongest hose for managing your marine and rv cleaning and water needs.

The hose

Easy Handling with half the weight of most heavy duty vinyl hoses which will help make your cleaning chores more simple than ever. The high quality materials are extremely resistant to sun and salt water conditions.

Why should you buy it?


  • 2X LIGHTER than a traditional pvc hose
  • 3X MORE COMPACT than a traditional pvc hose
  • LONG LASTING performance
  • SHELF SPACE ORGANIZATION and OPTIMIZATION with higher revenue and profitability

FITT Force Marine technology allows extremely easy usage experience and it’s projected to save space (a third than a traditional hose).

Due to its exceptional abrasion resistance the product is suitable for extensive use such as daily cleaning applications. The extra handling and its compactness make the product easy to use and to transport. Works with nozzles and sprinklers.

  • HD-Tech: High Durable Technology (HD TECH) cover is abrasion resistant and puncture proof.
  • NTS Plus: Double NTS chain mesh technology reinforcement eliminates flow restriction due to kinks and tangles.
  • High tenacity fiber reinforcement layer insures pressure > 450 psi - from 29 psi to 100 psi. 
  • No PVC, phthalates or lead – “drinking water safe!”.
  • Ultra-soft inner core layer for superior manageability and high flexibility.
  • High manageability and high flexibility in extremely cold temperatures (-4°F).
FITT Force Marine structure


ANODIZED ALUMINUM AND CRUSH-PROOF DESIGN makes our couplings corrosion resistant and the strongest on the Market
COMPRESSION-FIT construction forms a super strong, leak-proof connection
REPAIRABLE – the compression fit couplings can be removed and replaced without damaging the hose or couplings
STRAIN RELIEF COLLARS insure easy connection and uninterrupted flow

Product info


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Technical Data
Product Diameter Length [ft] Burst pressure [psi]
FITT FORCE Marine RV Hose 5/8'' 50 450