A complete, lightweight and compact system for patio lovers

A 3-in-1 system

An innovative, award-winning and stylish product designed specifically for those that love their outdoor spaces. People’s outdoor space is their personal oasis. It’s a mind, body and soul experience where they can rest, rejuvenate, entertain and create memories. So, we’ve set out to create the first (and hopefully only) hose that you will ever really and truly love!

available in sizes
FITT Flow 50’
FITT Flow 100’
FITT Flow Bag 100’
FITT FLow Patio Hose Kit 50’

FITT Flow is a complete system for all watering needs: an innovative and stylish product designed specifically for lovers of patio and outdoor spaces.

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The science of award-winning technology. The style of Italian design.

  • 3x Lighter than regular hoses.
  • Anti-kink TPE material is flexible and supple to avoid tangles.
The hose
The hose structure
  • Polyester braided yarn for improved burst strength.
  • Outer layers made with thermoplastic elastomer to provide elasticity to the hose.
  • Slider inside the inner thermoplastic elastomer layer.
  • Distinctive red cover layer provides personality, resistance to aging and resistance to abrasion.
  • Polyester knitted yarn allows the hose to extend under water pressure while adding strength.
  • Coupling - Premium quality anodized aluminum coupling with anti-kink collars
  • Nozzle - Easy flow thumb control allows consumers to adjust the water power within spray settings. The thumb control is coated with soft rubber for superior grip when wet.
  • Nozzle - Comfortable and ergonomically designed grip handle featuring non-slip soft rubber coating for wet hands.
  • Nozzle - Leak proof, erosion resistant metal threaded couplings for superior hose attachment.
  • Nozzle - Shower, mist, flat, and jet nozzle setting to suit any outdoor need.

FITT Flow can be found on sale in the best DIY and specialized DIY stores.